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My name is Valerio, since 2008 work as private drivers ( taxi )  and minibuses from Tarquinia, covering the entire neighboring territory (Civitavecchia, Port of Civitavecchia, Rome, Viterbo, Grosseto, Capalbio, Pescia Fiorentina, Pescia Romana, Orbetello, Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole, Ladispoli, Bracciano, Orte, etc). This site is aimed at advertising my activity together with the services that we offer. One of the characteristics that distinguishes my business from the other companies operating in this field is undoubtedly the competitive price of the services offered.

In comparison with a wide range of high quality services I propose a competitive price for everyone. The main purpose of my business is to offer the car and minibur rental service with driver making it an efficient alternative to the normal and well-known taxi service. People looking for an excellent rental service with driver at very low prices can now count on a new reality that allows anyone to use a kind of service which has always been considered luxury and almost exclusive.

My business wants to become a reference point for the minibus and car rental service with driver, the most competitive operating in the above mentioned area, for those who have always wanted to benefit from this kind of comfort as well as for those who have already used it in the past at prices, however, more expensive.

However, the cost of my offer is not to undermine the quality of the product, for which I’m always ready to guarantee the high standards that must characterize in any case such a service.

Therefore, although my minibus and car rental service with driver can be considered definitely cheap, it remains strongly committed to being comfortable, efficient, timely, secure, and responsive to the needs of the most demanding customers, from the simple to the most impressive Transfer and Tour.

Visiting my site you will have an idea of the itineraries offered as well as of the prices, our reliability and professionalism are so solid that many travel agencies collaborate with us and offer our service, which has always been appreciated by the customers:

( www.azur-croisieres.com ) Click here!

( www.etruscaviaggi.it ) Click here!

( www.porto-di-civitavecchia.it ) Click here!

The agencies above mentioned have always been appreciated for their seriousness and professionalism, and there is a valid reason if they have decided to rely on my services!!


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