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The landscape is hilly, dotted with valleys, volcanic lakes, hot springs, woods, castles and villages perched atop hills. It has yet to be taken over by mass tourism; that’s why Tuscia has retained the simplicity of the genuine Italy of days gone by. Geographically, it corresponds to the Province of Viterbo and its surroundings, the land where the Etruscans settled in pre-Roman times. The traces of its history spanning millennia can still be found in the necropolises scattered throughout the area surrounded by unspoilt nature. Later, during the Middle Ages, as part of the Papal State, the area was enriched by churches, castles and walled cities, most of which are well preserved and can be visited even today. The greatest expression of the Renaissance in Tuscia can be seen in its grand country villas with sophisticated parks and gardens, where you can relax under the shade of centuries-old trees while enjoying the sight of exquisite water fountains.


Today, Tuscia maintains its strong agricultural tradition, as seen in its high number of organic farms and farm holidays and a particular focus on biodiversity. The result of these practices is such delicacies as extra virgin olive oil, wine, vegetables, cured meats and dairy products, all produced with care according to an ancient culinary tradition that makes this region perfect for wine and food lovers. Craftsmanship is an important reality for the entire Tuscia, shopping lovers will  be sure to make great finds in the craft workshops set along the city centre's narrow streets. 


A wide variety of activities, cultural events and traditional food and wine festivals take place throughout the area of Tuscia all year round. To mention just a few: the "Wine Festival" at Castiglione in Teverina, the "Chestnut Festival" at Soriano, workshops and exhibitions showcasing local crafts, and the "Tuscia Opera Festival", "San Pellegrino in Fiore" festival and "Caffeine" Festival in Viterbo. In other words, not a week goes by when there isn't something truly special to discover!










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